Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It isn't all in - or on - my head

With all the talk about a green environment and energy conservation, I think Congress should replace the debt ceiling with a sky light.

We have miniature sky lights in our ceiling.  The landlord calls them cracks.

Whoever said two head are better than one, probably did not try dying his or her own hair.

I just finished dying my hair. The bad news is my bathroom is a disaster. The good news is my gray tabby cat looks great as a calico.

I am great at multi-tasking. Last night, I dyed my hair. When I finished, I also had completely redecorated the bathroom.

While dying my hair, I went for a 1960s retro look. All my white towels now look tie-dyed.

Some court cases end in mistrials. I believe in equality, so I think some cases should end in mister trials.

If Michelle Bachmann believed in equality, she would change her name to Bachpersonn.

I don't know why Michele Bachmann is against gay marriage. Gay couples wouldn't produce babies who will grow up to need social services Michele doesn't want to fund.

If what goes up must come down, why is it so hard to lose weight?

If I could hire someone famous to clean my house, I'd hire Bill Gates. I hear he does Windows.

Charlie Sheen is negotiating to star in a new sitcom. It should be called, "Two and a Half Goddesses."