Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elmer Fudd runs for president

People are saying Rick Perry seems to be the leader among the scores of GOP presidential candidates. But, he still doesn't represent the majority of Americans. Otherwise, he'd have an occasional bad hair day.

During the latest debate, GOP presidential candidate contenders attacked Rick Perry. Now his eyes are blackened. His nose is broken. He's missing a couple of teeth. But, his hair still looks great.

An advisor to former President Clinton once said a politician who never has a hair out of place can't be trusted. So for GOP presidential candidate, the NRA is endorsing Elmer Fudd.

Elmer Fudd's campaign slogan is, "A wabbit in evwee pot."

The chief campaign advisor for Elmer Fudd said, "Hey, what's up Doc?"

September is International Square Dance Month. It has been proposed the GOP presidential candidates give up debates and have a dance off since they've been dancing around the issues any way.

Although she's not an official candidate, Sarah Palin was asked to be in the dance off. Surprisingly, she said, "You bettcha."

Sarah Palin thinks she can win because she's been taking dancing lessons from Bristol.

Michele Bachmann says she's up for a good dosey doe. But she contends the "All-a-Man" right is just too gay.

It's clear the GOP candidates are right wingers. The dance off should prove they also have two right feet as all the candidates are refusing to promenade left because that would lead them into the Democrat square.

The candidates like the idea of a dance off. They said cutting a rug shouldn't be any more difficult than cutting taxes for the rich.

All the people running in the race have criticized Social Security and Medicaid. I don't think that's running a fair race because it targets seniors who usually aren't very fast runners.