Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President

President Obama is celebrating his 50th birthday. A lot of parties are being held because of him. He said he is grateful, but he can do without the Tea Party.

Democrats urged the president to get his AARP card for his birthday. They contend AARP stands for Always Anti-Republican Party.

Liberal Democrats suggested Obama celebrate his birthday by doing unto Congress as Congress has done unto him – refuse to support them.

The president's daughters wanted to take him to the circus for his birthday. But he said he was tired of watching elephants perform stupid human tricks.

Queen Elizabeth declined her invitation to the president's birthday party because she didn't want to wear a silly hat.

Michele Bachmann planned to attend Barack Obama's birthday party until she realized the invitation stated: "We'll have a GAY old time."

Sarah Palin never planned to attend the president's birthday bash. She said she can see all the festivities from her back yard.

Donald Trump declined his invitation to the president's party because The Donald didn't want the party hats to mess up his hair.

Sasha is glad Donald Trump isn't attending her dad's birthday party. She has been worried that The Donald would fire the pastry chef before the cake was served.

The president wanted to have free donkey rides for all the kids attending his party. But, Joe Biden refused to cooperate.

The president said he looks forward to blowing out all 50 candles because it will give him a politically correct excuse to blow off smoke.