Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Take my celebrity wife please!

Everyone is talking about that new show, "Celebrity Wife Swap". While the show is just catching on, the concept isn't new. Henny Youngman spent years begging people to take his wife.

While Rick Perry finished next to last in the Iowa caucuses, he vowed to stay in the GOP presidential candidate race. He said people advised him to do so. One of those people was Perry's hairdresser who wants to show off his work.

Michele Bachmann won't be moving into the White House next year, but she could move to Hollywood. Her dog, Boomer, would blend in with other celebrities if he wears his new sunglasses.

Political analysts contend that the GOP presidential candidate will have the opportunity to move the country and take it in a different direction. So instead of giving the candidate money, I'm going to give him a compass.

Herman Cain told Barbara Walters that if he became part of the President's Cabinet he'd like to be Secretary of Defense. If he gets in the cabinet, I think we should store him behind the coffee so he isn't the first thing we see each morning.

New Hampshire Republicans figured out how to withstand the heat and stay in the kitchen. They got a Mitt.

Political analysts said that GOP candidates who want to stop Mitt Romney might be able to do so if they can raise some big bucks. They need money for television time, other campaign tactics and some good South Carolina barbecue.

After the New Hampshire polls closed, Jon Huntsman said that while he didn't win, he passed his own test. What he didn't say is that test didn't include anything difficult such as spelling or math.

After the New Hampshire primary Jon Huntsman said, "Where we stand is a solid position and we go south from here." He might not be aware South Carolina has a problem with beach erosion.

Federal Transportation Security Administration officials in Massachusetts confiscated a cupcake from a traveler. When defending their decision, they said, "Well, we were hungry."

By the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, I'm a Kardashian three times removed.