Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's all campaign for president

Sarah Palin decided to restart her bus tour in Iowa. I guess she thought corn growers needed more bull.

President Barack Obama is traveling through the Midwest in a new $1.1 million bus purchased by the Secret Service. The agents are making him ride in the back of the bus.

If politicians campaigning in the Midwest were really sincere about energy consumption, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin would bus pool.

Obama and Palin could get along splendidly if they bus pooled. All they would have to do is wile away the hours playing The Quiet Game.

Mitt Romney says Corporate America is his friend. I wonder what he'll give Corporate Americans for Christmas since they have everything but the opportunity to pay taxes.

Michele Bachmann contends God told her to run for president. I'm thinking God used his inside voice and Michele failed to hear the "don't".

Reporters asked God why he told Michele Bachmann to run for president. God was quoted as saying, "That woman only hears what she wants to hear."

Democrats don't seem too worried about Michele Bachmann's popularity. I guess they figure that behind every good man is a woman, which means in the 2012 election, she'll finish behind Barack Obama.

Kate Gosselin's show "Kate Plus Eight" got canceled on the TLC network. But, that's OK. Kate and the kids can still get on TV by doing what everyone else seems to be doing – becoming Republican presidential candidates.

Sara Lee is suing Kraft for contending Kraft makes better hot dog wieners. When the jury begins deliberating, I think the jurors should decide for themselves by eating the evidence.