Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Everyone is a critic

My critics say I'm too tough on political candidates. But not once have I referred to Christine O'Donnell as the Republican witch. That's because Newt Gingrich is the one who is never without eye of newt.

I've been accused of taking cheap shots at Michele Bachmann. But I had to go cheap because I didn't get government subsidies like she did.

I'm told I make fun of Donald Trump without rhyme or reason.
I do it to make my hair feel superior in every season.

I'm guilty of taking jabs at Gov. Good Hair Perry because my $5 donation isn't good enough for him. OK, scratch the word "good".

It's also true I make fun of Sarah Palin and her family values. But, she obviously has a gambling problem or she wouldn't always say, "You bettcha."

I'll admit I haven't been too tough on Barack Obama. But, he's the only candidate thus far who has shown us his birth certificate, proving he actually has a life.

Seriously, Barack Obama doesn't need my help to make him look like he's done stupid things. After all, I wasn't consulted when he picked Joe Biden.

I'm probably shameless to pick on Joe Biden because the Republicans will have us believe the vice president is just "Biden" his time until November 2012.

It was just plain wrong for me to ridicule NRA favorite Elmer Fudd. But, he'd probably be a more competent hunter if he quit aiming at rabbits and took pot shots at attorneys.

Mitt Romney is fair game. He won't acknowledge me as a friend until I change my name to Corporate Jo America.

I've been accused of being anti-Tea Party. That's ridiculous. I love tea parties when the hostess serves scones with strawberry jam.