Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday shoppers exhibit good will

At the corporate Christmas party, I was going to sing a seasonal song. But, I couldn't remember all the words to "School's Out for Summer."

Holiday wishes are filled with peace and good will. Peace might remain on the wish list. But due to the economy, the checkout lines are long at Goodwill.

The show "Desperate Housewives" is in its final season. It's no longer sensational enough because the economy is making every housewife in America desperate.

I used to believe in the creation theory. But then I watched Congress take us back to Neanderthal Days.

Newt Gingrich is gaining momentum in his campaign for the GOP presidential nominee. With all the witches and warlocks currently running the country, do we really need a leader who uses the eye of Newt?

My friend said he expected Newt Gingrich to gain momentum because his name ends in the Republican way – rich!

I had a Happy Meal for lunch last week. But every meal is a happy meal if I'm not preparing it.

What is so happy about a Happy Meal? I've never had a meal smile and wish me a good day.

The economy is so bad that when people go to McDonald's instead of ordering Happy Meals they order Contented Meals.

I must be directionally challenged because I don't understand why people tell me to type things up and write things down.

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